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Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Lives and works in New York City.

Vané Russo was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Growing up, she witnessed continuous political instability, conflict, and she lived through an embargo which devastated the island nation. Friends were persecuted and ousted, and her youth was marked by death and disappearance. The extreme, overwhelming circumstance of the island produced a constant, internal struggle within the young artist.


In 1999, she enrolled in Escuela de Artes Plásticas in San Juan , Puerto Rico. Her early paintings evoked her home and the range of impressions Haiti left upon her. Through explosive color and gesture, she found the means to express herself and her experience, bringing her personal history to the surface. She obsessed over bold, large formats, encouraging her viewers inward.

In her later series of collages, Les Vierges, she appropriated religious imagery to cast complex portraits of contemporary female figures -not as an expression of faith- but as clashes of sexuality and spirituality. In the medium of collage she found a new language whose techniques and tools inspired a freedom she previously couldn't access through painting.

Since Puerto Rico, she's lived across the globe- Lebanon, Paris, Hawaii, New York, and Los Angeles, among others. Still, her home and identity remain in Haiti. Her goal is to represent the island in all its vivid color, from its vibrant people and land to the ashen shadows of its conflict.

Her current work is set within the theme of self-isolation, which conjures repeating patterns and regimens. The project is a study in time, her relationship with the passing hours and days, exploring meaning through their beginnings and ends. The work registers as a visual mantra, but to the artist, it's an altar of patience and an opportunity to search within.


Escuela De Artes Plasticas, San Juan, PR

BFA- Painting



2018 - HAITI AQUI: <<honneur>>:<<respect>> Casa de los Contrafuertes, San Juan, PR

2017 - Cult Icon at Intersect Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015- Trienal Poligrafica de San Juan- Walter Otero Contemporary Art, San Juan, PR

2014- Solo Show- Expressions Galerie D'art, Haiti

2014- Ayiti- Recycling Distopian Dreamscapes at the Clemente Soto Velez, Armory Show, NY, NY

2009- Solo Show: Good Shot- Galeria Petrus, San Juan, PR

2008- ICA FAIR, Expressions Galerie D'art, NY, NY

2007- Ge Art, Cooper Design Space, Los Angeles, CA

2005- Emerging Artists with Nora Nieves, Botello Gallery,

San Juan, PR

2004- Collective at Museo De las Americas, San Juan, PR 

2004- Collective at Galeria Petrus, San Juan, PR

2004- Collective at Galeria Sin Titulo, San Juan, PR

2003-Retrospective/Prospective with André Naudé, Expressions Galerie D'art, Haiti

2002- Collective at Atlas Gallery, San Juan, PR

2002- Collective at Viota Gallery, San Juan, PR



Teaching Artist for Art Start NY 2008

Teaching Artist for Art Share LA 2006

Artist Assistant to Jason Rhoades- Black Pussy-2005

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